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The very best solution to the currently overcrowded sidewalks is a vastly improved pedestrian environment, coupled with a free-flowing transitway. The vitality and intensity of New York derives in large part from its very human scale of circulation and activity.

People from all over the country, not to mention the world, come here to experience this and are often amazed at how much they like it. We believe this intensity should be encouraged and enhanced. The act of taking the cars out of 42nd Street would, in effect, be converting the scale of the street from the automotive, back down to human scale, and would open up tremendous new possibilities for the complete redesign of the street.

Proposed Plan and Cross Section of a Typical Block

Pairs of light rail stops would occur at each typical 800-foot avenue, resulting in twelve pairs of stops along the length of 42nd Street, plus several at the far eastern and western ends along the rivers.


The yellow and orange circles in these maps represent a 700-foot radius of immediate impact of each station.

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