Below is a list of articles where vision42 has been mentioned.

Article Publication Date
Letter to the Editor New York Times 03/06/2020
Letter to the Editor New York Times 04/23/2018
Without Cars, a Different Sort of 42nd St. New York Times 10/13/2009
Light Rail Vision; Eleven Times Square Real Estate BisNow 06/12/2009
Times Squared? NY Inc 05/07/2009
Support Grows for Car-Free, Light Rail Boulevard for Manhattan’s 42nd Street Urban Land 04/12/2009
Vision of 42nd Street With No Cars New York Times 01/28/2009
A Better Way to Travel River to River on 42nd St. New York Times 12/30/2007
Making great strides in the sustainable design of streets Real Estate Weekly 05/09/2007
Fox lends support to 42nd St. light rail as plan inches forward Real Estate Weekly 03/14/2007
42nd St. just for feet? New York Daily News 11/06/2006
Advocates of 42nd Street Light Rail Detail Benefits of Pedestrian Mall New York Sun 10/25/2006
A 42nd Street of Dreams Metro New York 10/25/2006
42nd St. trolley tooted as 1B boon New York Daily News 10/25/2006
Study boosts retooling 42nd St. Research shows opening area only to pedestrians, light rail would increase business, create jobs Newsday 10/25/2006
Plan Would Ban Cars Manhattan’s 42nd St. Houston Chronicle 10/25/2006
Group pushes to transform 42nd Street into pedestrian mall amNew York 10/25/2006
City Trolley Rings the Bell New York Daily News 04/20/2005
Old Proposal to Build Light-Rail Line on 42nd Street is Revisited The New York Times 04/18/2005
vision42 Unveils Results of Technical Studies on Economic Potential, Traffic Implications and Cost Analysis for Proposed Light Rail Transit Pedestrian Mall on 42nd Street Forbes Magazine 04/18/2005
A Pedestrian 42nd Street? am New York 04/03/2005
42nd Street Shuttle a Rail Good Idea The New York Post 04/03/2005
Vision 42 Carfree Times 09/02/2002
Making 42nd Street Grand RPA: Spotlight on the Region 02/09/2002
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